Microsoft Dynamics 365 – what is it?

Posted by Tom Rogers on October 7, 2016


Microsoft Dynamics 365 will soon be released, and is creating a lot of buzz. As a Microsoft Dynamics partner, we have seen previews of the direction the software will take. And while nothing has been finalized – and as such, nothing can be guaranteed to be a feature – it is clear that this is a major step forward in creating one software suite that will encompass all business needs.

To illustrate what I mean, let’s take an example of a typical day I have. Recently, I got a phone call from a IT provider we partner with. He had a client that is interested in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and he wanted to know if we could do remote demo. Once we worked out the details, several steps using several different software programs occurred. First, I created a meeting in Skype. Next, I created a calendar invite in Outlook and sent that to the IT provider. He in turn forwarded it to his client who accepted. Since I did not have that person in our database, I had to add him to our Dynamics CRM. In order to get a better feel for his company and any connections I may have – I took a look at LinkedIn to see his profile. That was 4 different software programs I had to use, and that was before we even had the demo. Once we did the demo, and he wanted to move forward with a proposal, there were additional steps needed to create an invoice, create a project in our time and billing, and set up a proposal in Microsoft Word (not to mention re-launching Dynamics CRM to update the sales opportunity).

While it is premature to get into specifics of what Dynamics 365 will ultimately look like, it is fair to say that the software was designed with that exact type of scenario in mind. Activities created in Outlook will necessitate using Skype, Dynamics CRM, LinkedIn, Microsoft Office, ERP, Time & Billing, and Project Management. The way businesses work today, integration is not enough. These product need to work as one solution. Dynamics 365 was designed to address that reality