Real World Stories of How Intellitec Delivers Better ERP for LTC - #6

Posted by Tom Rogers on May 1, 2018


For senior care facilities, delivering a compassionate and attentive level of service in a cost-effective and efficient manner requires the support of a strong technology infrastructure. Intellitec Solutions delivers integrated accounting, clinical and business management solutions without compromising any of the financial power you need.

This series of blog posts looks at the 6 key ways Intellitec has helped senior living facilities handle their unique accounting requirements. While no 2 facilities are alike, we are confident you will hear stories quite similar to yours in this series.

Intellitec Solutions helps LTC Facility Gains More Flexibility, Insight and Cloud-Based Convenience

 “Before” Situation:

  • The organization had been using Financial Edge for more than a decade. The system had some serious limitations that were causing frustration for the finance team.
  • System was not user friendly. Unable to drill down into its data or get the needed reports from Financial Edge.
  • System was very time-consuming
  • The chart of accounts was another big challenge. Over the years, the number of accounts and funds setup in the chart of accounts was astronomical. Everything had a separate account and if you printed it out, it was about 25 pages to sort through.
  • Simplification was essential.

“After” Situation:

  • Simplified Journal Entries where they can just go in and make necessary corrections while maintaining paper audit trails, which has resulted in a big savings of time and frustration.
  • Consolidated Chart of Accounts. By using Dimensions and fixed assets, hundreds of accounts have been substantially consolidated and streamlined. Accounts and funds are more organized than ever and make sense. A 25-page printout of accounts has been reduced to 3 easy-to-read pages.

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Many consulting organizations can implement financial and accounting systems. However, there are few, if any, that can match Intellitec’s depth of experience in the long-term care community including serving over 450 facilities as clients. Once you have had a chance to read all our success stories, contact us to find out what we can do for you